Our Values


In an industry not always renowned for telling the whole truth, you’ll receive straight and truthful answers from us at all stages of any job. In most cases any ‘Pork Pies’ only result from a failure to plan ahead, anticipate and act upon potential problems which will inevitably occur moving any cargo, potentially even more so the oversized variety.


To put it simply, we are the people who do – not pretend to and borrow photographs from the web, all of the examples which you see on our website (which are updated regularly) we carried out ourselves. There is no substitute for experience in getting it right, first time – every time. This also means prompt answers, not waiting for your contact to go ask other people!


In the case of movements which we do not carry out using our own equipment, we work only with known and trusted sub-contractors and service providers. Unlike many in the industry, we do not take on work to then go and try to find any Tom, Dick or Harry to carry it out. In the case of the vast majority of movements we will be on site ourselves regardless.


When we undertake any movement, however large or small, we promise that it will be seen through to it’s conclusion properly. Inevitably issues will arise but these will be dealt with head-on and with a view to minimising any time delays or financial consequences; we do not simply throw your (or our) money at problems.