The delicate nature of this multi-million pound machine for producing babywipes, and the concerns of the manufacturer’s insurers saw us arranging shipment from Devon all the way to Saudi Arabia without the cargo being handled once. We loaded one of our own 4 axle air-ride semi-low loaders, covered the cargo with tailor-made heavy duty sheets, and despatched it via ro-ro vessel to Jeddah, from where our local partners tractioned our trailer to the new factory for offloading. Once empty, the 2 month wait for the trailer’s return eastbound due to limited sailings was made a little less painful by managing to load press parts off the quay in Yokohama Japan for Gloucester for another client


A ‘slight’ oversight in delivering this Drag Chain Assembly for managing cables and hoses on BP’s Azeri West Platform under construction at the Mercon yards at Gorinchem, meant that we received a telephone call on a Thursday asking if we could deliver by the following Tuesday…. The height of the piece meant that it wouldn’t fit under most bridges on Dutch roads even without a trailer underneath it, but come Friday midday it was loaded to the trailer pictured, and before the workers at the yard had even finished their ‘koffie en koek’ on the Monday morning, the same vehicle arrived aboard a pontoon from Rotterdam for them to discharge using their quayside cranes. A much appreciated letter of thanks from the Managing Director of BP/AIOC followed the next day


Where the competition were happy to simply quote to ‘factory gate’ and so to arrive by road, we took advantage of our long-standing contacts at the consignee to visit and investigate alternative methods of delivering 3 large items of sugar processing plant from France. The method which we proposed, which avoided handling the cargo more than once with the attendant risks and costs, still took quite some detailed planning. Unfortunately the air-draught restrictions on the inland waterway leg in France, versus stability across the North Sea in December meant that we did transship from barge to a pontoon, but this and the sea lashing was carried out under our full supervision as is all handling of cargoes entrusted to us