Apart from regular shipments of nuclear waste to and from nearby Sellafield, Ramsden Dock at Barrow in Furness doesn’t see too many shipments these days. This Metso Tissue Dryer only travelled by road the short distance to Kimberley Clark’s mill on the other side of town, but we had brought it quite a distance already – from one of their US factories aboard the geared vessel seen leaving the docks to right of shot


A long established client of ours on European abnormal loads, who manufactured very specialised radiator brazing furnaces, won a large order from a division of General Motors in the USA. The pretty unbelievable decision by the consignee’s nominated freight forwarder to allow the haulier to uncrate most of the first shipment because they hadn’t bothered to obtain the correct oversize permits, meant that after 400 miles through Upstate New York winter weather, the equipment arrived full of ice, snow and grit and, well, knackered! The fact that we had UK personnel in Tonawanda within 48 hours, and the cargo on a fast ro-ro ship back to the UK for reworking within 7 days, meant that we received the order to ship the remaining 11 lines to various plants in New York, Alabama and Mexico


The former ICI flagship site on Teesside, now known as Wilton International and with the various plants operated by many multinational companies, is still one of the biggest chemical manufacturing clusters in the world. When the Nylon Polymer plant operated by DuPont underwent a $250m upgrade, one of the largest pieces of process plant involved was this 10 metre diameter and 140 tonne Crude Crystalliser, which we shipped from the manufacturer in Asturias, northern Spain via geared vessel to the (almost, apart from a short hop across the steelworks) adjacent Teesport and onto site utilising a 14 axle line modular trailer configured ‘3 file wide’ to aid stability