The worldwide structure of the remaining players in the brewing market means that plant and equipment is often transferred between their facilities around the world without actually changing hands, as capacity requirements dictate. When the movement of around 20 vessels of varying sizes from breweries across the UK to increase capacity at the Hoegaarden brewery in Belgium was decided upon by InBev, it wasn’t quite across the globe, but still took quite some co-ordination. Weather problems, ferries with the required height clearance going out of service and other factors meant that the 3 specialist trailers brought in from a Belgian partner ended up traversing England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland AND Wales to deliver their cargoes – all without delay to the tight schedule and at no extra cost to the client due to our management of these unexpected changes


More commonly seen with a dumper body fitted, the need for a dust suppression vehicle which could go anywhere in the quarry that tracked plant could saw us deliver the chassis/cab of this Bell ADT (Articulated Dump Truck) from the UK to a specialist bodybuilder in Provence, and some weeks later return it to Scotland


From Muscat in Oman to Tromso in Norway, from the Canary Islands to Irkutsk in Siberia – there are very few companies with the knowledge and sufficiently experienced drivers to send them to these far flung points in the recent past. Whilst improvements in shipping/ports and rail links have ‘shrunk’ the globe, there are still times when only driver accompanied service will achieve the schedule or satisfy the security of the load. The photograph shows UK built specialised fume scrubbing equipment arriving at the Magnitogorsk iron and steel plant, and whilst Alan Whittaker had arrived at the main gate, the offload point was still a full 11 kilometres away – giving an idea just how vast the complex actually is!