International Rescue

In the (overused phrase alert…) unprecedented times we have all seen this year, there are way more important things happening than freight moving, but it must still go on whether it is essential to tackling the pandemic or not. Although Covid-19 has meant a halt to a major refinery upgrade in the UK, our clients […]

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Pulp Fiction

The machinery has changed in scale and technical detail massively from this 1950 poster, if not the basic process – our involvement in the industry doesn’t stretch quite that far back, but is extensive. We regularly move CC and ZL rolls as well as larger rolls (up to 90 tonnes) around Europe, as well as […]

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Bespoke and Unique

Whilst we know pretty much what to expect with a Press (crown, slide, shoulders, base) or Injection Moulder (clamp, plattens, injection), some plant is just unique and we have nothing to compare with… Despite having to survey and quote for turnkey movement of this specialist plant from the UK to Mexico whilst it was still […]

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In it from the start

Although this photograph was taken at the end of the first leg of the 3700 mile journey to the end user, working closely with the manufacturer we transported all large elements from the bare 76mm thick rolled steel plates, via 4 different locations in the UK for specialist machining, heat treatment, painting and lining, before […]

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Saving pounds – not ‘piling’ them on

Standard A-to-B movements of mobile construction plant isn’t our biggest market, but when the client needs someone with engineering knowledge to visit the shipper (next morning at 8am after receiving their call at 4pm) to ‘negotiate’ how far they are prepared to strip a 70 tonne piling rig for shipment, to save a considerable amount […]

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Pressing Engagements

Building up large (the one pictured is a fairly modest 8000kN model but still involves single piece weights up to 76 tonnes) metal forming presses is an exacting business, and late or out-of-sequence deliveries will always cause huge problems to the installation schedule. The buyer of this press came to us after a bad experience […]

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Just give us a ring, or two

The other ring (actually a steel tyre for a cement kiln at over 6 metres in diameter and 45 tonnes) is following closely behind – they were loaded from a specialist foundry in northeastern France, moved by road to Zeebrugge and shipped ro-ro without handling around to Barcelona in Spain and onward to final destination. […]

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Another tall story

Where several other, less experienced, companies bidding for this 20 load project simply assumed that the main items would have to be shipped at 4 metres wide because “height limits are lower in Europe” we knew that by using the right equipment a perfectly do-able route was available which did away with the need for […]

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Night time is the right time

And not just because the police escorts’ (4 bikes and a command car) blue lights illuminate the loads so nicely in the dark – it’s more to do with causing as little disruption as possible to the travelling public while also giving us fewer things to think about. One of several vessels with rigid length […]

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Never say die….

When 3 months of pre-planning had to be binned due to unfathomable obstacles placed in our way by at least 6 different official bodies, the remaining 2 months before the delivery was due became, let’s say a little frenetic. A huge amount of extra work, site visits, shipping plans and route investigations were carried out […]

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