Never say die….


When 3 months of pre-planning had to be binned due to unfathomable obstacles placed in our way by at least 6 different official bodies, the remaining 2 months before the delivery was due became, let’s say a little frenetic. A huge amount of extra work, site visits, shipping plans and route investigations were carried out without extra cost to the client, and the method we would eventually have to use took shape.

The large process vessel is pictured arriving (under the gaze of what must have been 90% of the population) at the very small harbour at Aberaeron in Cardiganshire, prior to discharge and temporary storage and subsequent movement by specialist low loader, along with police, BT and Western Power cable crews, and even up to 20 traffic marshalls walking the route through town to keep the load and public safely separated. The vessel was reckoned to be the first commercial cargo landed in the port since the 1930s, and while on quay made an unusual backdrop to the town’s annual Tug-o-War across the harbour mouth!