Extractive Industries


We have been despatching their world renowned bulk materials handling equipment for a Cambridgeshire based client for over 15 years now, to such far-flung destinations as southern Sicily, Saudi Arabia and the Svalbard Islands in the Barents Sea, 500 kilometres north of the northern tip of Norway – this one was only a “local job” destined for Portugal


It’s quite surprising that at 850 tonnes, the manufacturer of this rock crushing plant classes it as “Semi Mobile” but it does indeed move around (albeit very slowly) it’s Leicestershire home, chewing up and spitting out the particularly hard local granite at the rate of 2500 tonnes per hour. Luckily for us we transported it from the various factories in Poland and Germany in rather more manageable sized pieces, although many were still well over 5 metres wide and all were on a strict sequence and timing to minimise disruption to the fully operational site