We were extremely proud to be closely involved with the British contribution to building the Large Hadron Collider at the CERN facility on the French/Swiss border over a period of over 3 years. None of the pieces, which included the six SCT barrels as well as the ATLAS End Cap which formed the core of the experiment were as such oversized, but they were all extremely valuable and delicate. The End Cap is pictured being loaded into a rollerbed floored, fully air suspended vehicle at the University of Liverpool – several weeks earlier we had taken a mockup of the cargo, covered in many different types of shock detection equipment in the same vehicle to a nearby disused airfield and carried out some fairly extreme emergency stops and sharp turns, so that the project staff were satisfied that the whole packing/method/vehicle was suitable to deliver their ‘baby’ to destination safely


Believe it or not, this 6 metre diameter solid stainless steel dish is the oversized equivalent of a contact lens bath, but this one is for cleaning the lenses of the ESO’s Very Large Telescope at the Paranal Observatory located high in the Atacama Desert in Chile. After loading and transporting the dish to Yorkshire for machining, we returned it to the manufacturer in Cambridgeshire for finishing, before despatching to it’s final destination via the ports of Antwerp and Antofagasta