Artworks & Film

Pictured prior to offloading on the Western tip of the island, for filming of the location scenes for ‘Clash of The Titans’ in Tenerife, this replica of Perseus’s ill-fated boat had been delivered all the way from Cornwall by one of our drivers. Two weeks later another of our drivers collected it and returned it to the Exterior Tank at Pinewood Studios, so that it could be filmed being destroyed in front of the huge 73mx18m blue/green screen!


There are restrictions on movement times of abnormal loads in most countries, those in force in the Basque region of Spain meant that as is often the case this load arrived at Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum in the dead of night. We had previously moved the large, well known modern sculpture from the fabricators in Essex into, and back out of, The Royal Society at Burlington House on Piccadilly in Central London.