Brewery & Beverage


The leaden skies, driving drizzle and single-figure temperature obviously denote that this was a mid August morning in Glasgow – Tennant’s Wellpark Brewery to be precise, the oldest in Scotland and still going strong after numerous changes of ownership. The current owners’ decision to considerably increase capacity saw us deliver 16 large brewing vessels for a long-standing German client, one of the largest projects by number of vessels, if not actual vessel size, which we have worked with them on over a near 20 year relationship


The narrow back streets of the quaint Suffolk seaside town of Southwold weren’t really designed with articulated lorries in mind, let alone ones carrying pieces of kit at over 6 metres wide – the local trees obviously weren’t designed for their 6 metres plus travelling height either judging by the foliage on the back of the lowbed. The load was part of a State of The Art new brewhouse for Adnam’s Sole Bay Brewery, which is well worth a nosey through the two-storey window included in the renovation, if you find yourself in town and are a bit of an anorak for that sort of thing like we are!