Just give us a ring, or two

The other ring (actually a steel tyre for a cement kiln at over 6 metres in diameter and 45 tonnes) is following closely behind – they were loaded from a specialist foundry in northeastern France, moved by road to Zeebrugge and shipped ro-ro without handling around to Barcelona in Spain and onward to final destination. Movement by road right across France on local D roads simply wouldn’t be practical at this width.

Late arriving Gendarmes (who were also on a self-imposed overtime ban), an around-the-houses route often criss-crossing due to weak bridges, and shipping delays didn’t stop us meeting the agreed delivery date – we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that we always give a realistic schedule, while not overdoing the time built in and therefore making the cost higher by doing so, our record speaks for itself, and not just on the ‘phone!