International Rescue

In the (overused phrase alert…) unprecedented times we have all seen this year, there are way more important things happening than freight moving, but it must still go on whether it is essential to tackling the pandemic or not.

Although Covid-19 has meant a halt to a major refinery upgrade in the UK, our clients had built and finished two large items of electrical plant, and needed to fulfil their DAP contract for their client to action payment – when the planned shipping line for the same reason had to swap around vessels, they were then unable to deliver to quayside in UK, leaving few options.

Thankfully, long-standing relationships with the relevant road authorities meant that we were able to agree a one-off movement authorisation given the circumstances, for which we were extremely grateful.

All that remained was to plan door-to-door shipment including all lifting (quite trying), arrange two very specialised trailers from one of our long-term hauliers (quite easy) and persuade the dockers to load us promptly at 06:00 on a foggy and cold December morning to fit with police escorts (no comment…) In the end of course, all delivered on time and safely to storage